Dr Michael Gough, NHS Doctor, Runitude Founder

Dr Michael Gough - Founder

University of Birmingham Alumni and NHS doctor, Michael set up Runitude Sport with the aim to produce affordable products that solve some common problems in the sport and health niche.

Launching the Runitude Running Vest Phone Holder which he developed during the Covid-19 pandemic, to encourage people outdoors with a phone holder that didn't bounce around.

This was then followed up in 2023 with the launch of the Runitude Portable Sauna Tent - After researching into the benefits of Sauna & Heat therapy for patients, he realised that all of the portable saunas on the market use materials that release toxic fumes and were likely doing more harm than good. So he went on a mission over the following 2 years to design and develop the first medical grade sauna in the UK using on safe materials that don't emit toxins.

Contact me directly on: mike@runitudesport.com