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Runitude Vest Phone Holder For Running - Black

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    Free Your Phone with the Runitude Running Vest Phone Holder and Rapid Access Phone Pouch.

    Designed entirely so you have free and easy access to your phone when you're running.


    ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT. Our patented minimalistic design and breathable lightweight Neoprene material makes our running vest phone holder the lightest on the market weighing only 159grams. You may actually forget you are wearing it!



      • Designed to fit all major phones: Measures 18 centimetres x 10 centimetres.
      • Waterproof Outer Lining
      • Phone Anti-Bounce – Lycra Inner Lining and Waistband Lateral Tension Prevents Any Phone Bouncing When Running.
      • Zip Pull Cord – For Rapid Access To Your Phone.



      • CLIP IN KEY POCKET - Secure Lightweight clip to attach your keys and slide into the right shoulder pocket. 
      • SECURE CARD/CASH POCKET – Within the front phone pouch there is a secure back pocket with Velcro strip, so you can also easily gain access to your cards and cash when you are out running.
      • LIGHT ATTACHMENT STRAPS – Universal light attachment straps on both shoulders and the back of the vest.
      • CAR KEY FOB POCKET - Left shoulder pocket designed to hold your car key fob. 
      • REFLECTIVE VEST – Highly reflective rear patch for maximum visibility on runs.
      Runitude Vest Phone Holder For Running - Black
      Runitude Vest Phone Holder For Running - Black - Back
      Runitude Vest Phone Holder For Running - Black - Male Model Shot
      Runitude Vest Phone Holder For Running - Black - Male and Female Model
      Runitude Vest Phone Holder For Running - Black - Female Model
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