Top 20 Running Hacks and Tips

. Feed your key into your laces.

Hate, carrying your key? Feed it into your laces from the top lace, tucking the key under the final lace nearest your toes (this will give it some movement so you won't feel it on your foot, but will keep it secure so you don't have to worry about it). 

Tying Key Into Shoe LacesTying Key Into Shoe Laces - Stage 2Tying Just Key Into Shoe Laces

2. The 'Runner's Loop'

Getting blisters or want a snug fit in your shoe. Tie your laces with the 'Runner's Loop'. Pulls your heal more into the shoe.

Tying The Runners Loop Shoe Laces - Stage 1Tying The Runners Loop Shoe Laces - Stage 2Tying The Runners Loop Shoe Laces - Stage 3Tying The Runners Loop Shoe Laces - Stage 4Tying The Runners Loop Shoe Laces - Stage 5

3. Loop in-ear headphones cord around your ear.

If you are using in-ear bud headphones, loop the cord around the back of your ears before having it go down to your phone. This puts the downward pressure of the cable on the top of your ears, avoids the buds popping out as easily.

4. 1km is approximately equal to 1400 stride lengths.

Try counting down a km with the number of steps you are taking ("only 700 steps left at half way").

5. Go slow for your first mile/km.

Add an extra 1min 30 seconds/1min. The rest of the run will feel much easier.

6. Try and find a running route the exact distance you want to run.

Rather than laps – where there is always a temptation to stop earlier

7. Try using podcasts rather than music for those longer endurance runs.

Much more engaging than music you won’t notice the miles go by. Or try a story running app.

8. For the shorter/quicker runs use high tempo music (140bpm).

Chemical Brothers – Further.

9. Running on a treadmill – use a towel to cover the clock/distance.

Especially if you set a time then you will end up watching it count down.

10. Climbing uphill – try looking down and counting your steps.

Often giving yourself a target of say 1000 steps to reach. You’ve made it to the top before you even get to 1000.

11. Role play

Use a physical scenario (being a soldier, or running from a zombie hoard), and giving yourself an objective of reaching a physical goal for safety/etc.


12. Running Up and Downhill Technique

Most people have a very bad technique for running up and down hills which will increase impact on your knees and ankles and predispose you to injuries.

Going Uphill – Keep the cadence (leg speed) the same but reduce your stride length.

Going Downhill – Keep a normal stride length (don’t over stretch) but increase your cadence (leg speed). Don’t over-stride or land with a straight leg. Reduced impact on your knees.

13. Running up a hill – pull yourself up image you are pulling yourself up with a rope.

Image you are pulling yourself up with a rope.

14. Coming up behind people, try and shuffle your feet once or twice in the road/path to get their attention.


15. Work on your form.

Imagine you are running past your celebrity crush. As you unconsciously straighten your back and lift your head up to look good, your form improves.



16. Pump Your Arms

If your legs are getting tired, start focusing on pumping your arms and your legs will be forced to keep up.


17. Try synchronising your breathing with your pace.

Take a breath in over 2 steps and then breathe out over two steps and repeat. With a less erratic breathing it will relax your body.


18. Safety pins are great to stop your headphone wire from bouncing.